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Bring to Light - New Oil Collection

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

For some time now I have been thinking of how to progress with my paintings and wasn't so sure on what avenue to take. I've been painting now for quite a few years and tried various mediums and I have always found myself coming back to oils. As I have had quite some time to reflect on this during lockdown and trying my best to homeschool my two young children, I decided to put out my first painting collection.

Expose Unveil Disclose

Change of direction in my oil painting

Oil painting will always be my first love when it comes down to putting paint down. The thickness and freedom of oil paints just makes things work for me. I started off working with oils around 5 years ago and my first piece was really detailed. I have followed many painters over time and really honed in on a select few artists who i find very informative and especially those who cut out all the unnecessary chatter on what you should and shouldn't do.

I have tried to loosen my technique to reach a more relaxed approach to producing art as although I love detail, personally, I find that I tend to lose focus during a detailed painting and can sometimes end up in the 'work-in-progress' pile!

As time goes on, I'm sure my technique will differ slightly, as this happens naturally as an artist. So it's exciting to see how my art will change in the coming years.

Why this theme of collection?

To be honest, I had no particular theme for this oil collection, nor did I do any research. I had already decided that I wanted to produce a small collection and so my next task was to decide on what to paint. I randomly came ac

ross a striking image of a lady gazing into some light. For me, this stuck out and I started to place words which could emphasise a painting like this image. I just wanted to paint it there and then.

After I had primed my canvas, I chose colours that I thought would entice the viewer closer to the image and began setting up my studio ready for a good paint session!

The above image is what I came out with.

I let it hang for a few days and started to love what I made and so I decided to look for other female images with great lighting. And, again I switched up the colours and continued to complete two more paintings using a palette knife, which is the first time I have actually used one, bar using them to mix paint! And it will not be the last!

All three paintings are available for sale either as single paintings or as a whole collection.

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